FitScaleX Reviews (HIDDEN DETAILS) Read Before Buying FitScaleX Smart Scale

FitscaleX is a multipurpose smart scale that can detect subtle changes in your body. Its secret lies in BIA technology—Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis. It comes with an easy-to-use app, featuring powerful functionalities and a user-friendly interface. It records 12 crucial measurements, covering Body Weight, BMI, Body Fat, Water Percentage, Visceral Fat, Skeletal Muscle, Fat-free Body Weight, Subcutaneous Fat, Bone Mass, Protein, Basal Metabolism, and Body Age. Currently it is available online on the official website.


When we dedicate our time and energy to something, we always seek positive results, these results serve as motivation to do more or to know that what was done is worthwhile. Fitness is a major aspect of general health and well being. It can be used as a criteria for determining one’s state of health. Our diets and exercise routines play crucial roles in our fitness and general well being.

Fitness trackers and scales have been introduced over the years with the aim of helping one  monitor and analyze one’s fitness goals and general well being. In this quest, inferior, less efficient but yet expensive devices have been introduced by different brands and lots of customers have fallen victim to circumstances.

This article exposes to you, a tested and trusted tracking and analyzing device for your fitness and overall health as well as that of your family. This device is known as FitscaleX.


Intelligent power on and off.

Precision measurements.

Bioelectric impedance analysis .

12 functional data.

Scientific personal guidance.


FitscaleX is a device which has been manufactured to help you get on track with your fitness goals and also improve your health. It features a safe tempered glass surface which can accommodate a wide range of body types, it has a sleek design and an intelligent LED display. It is a super mini full body check up machine with the ability to detect subtle changes in your body using BIA technology (bioelectrical impedance analysis), which ensures that its measurements are closely identical to hospital testing data. It also uses a dedicated Mobile app.

FitscaleX has the ability to scan and analyze your entire body using its four precision sensors. It effortlessly monitors your health and that of your family as a whole. It helps you track changes in your weight  (fat, bone, muscle and water) thereby helping you determine the effectiveness of diet and exercise routines and adjust your fitness plan accordingly. FitscaleX helps you understand what is going on in your body system. Fat content, muscle mass, bone weight, water intake, bowel movement, salt intake etc are the factors influencing your weight and Fitscaleonitors and analyzes them all.

With FitscaleX, you wouldn’t need a comprehensive medical examination which is not only time consuming but also expensive to understand the internal condition of your body system. FitscaleX gives you all the necessary details regarding your internal body system.


FitscaleX with its four high precision sensors and four electrodes swiftly ensures accurate body composition analysis in real time. It supports weights up to 180kg/400lb with precision reading displayed in increments as small as 0.02lb/0.01kg essential for tracking even the subtlest changes in your body metrics. It doesn’t just track the impact of your diet and exercise routines but also gives you valuable feedback. The BIA technology passes a low level electrical current through the body and measures the resistance encountered enabling FitscaleX to derive a variety of crucial body data.

FitscaleX as a personalized fitness guide for private body function analysis, interprets data gathered by the scale and gives insights and recommendations to its user. It is user-friendly, versatile and highly innovative with a user-friendly interface.


FitscaleX is very easy to use and also user friendly. Simply;

Download the FitscaleX application suitable for your device, be it android or IOS.

Remove shoes, socks or any footwear at all and step into the platform barefoot for the sensors to read the electrical signals within your body.

It then breaks down your weight into various categories eg fat, muscle, bone and water. This enables you to determine the aspect or part of your body that is changing and needs adjustment thereby enabling you to change and adjust your fitness plan accordingly.


Fitscalex digital smart scale comes with a mobile app that is compatible with Android and iOS Smartphones. It can store body data for up to 6 different individuals, allowing you to care for the whole family with a single device. The app supports 17 different languages, it works with apple, health app and it also allows individuals to export data in either PDF or Excel Format. To download the application software, You can simply visit Google Play or the Apple App Store and search for “OKOK.” Download the app and you’re all set!.


Tracking dietary changes: it effortlessly tracks your protein and hydration level. It tracks your dietary habits to ensure that you are receiving the right nutrients and in appropriate proportion and quantity

Smart fitness guide: it gives personalized insights and recommendations through it’s app which provides a smart fitness guide.

It is very compatible with your android and IOS devices, just ensure you download the suitable app based on your device.

Progress tracking: it tracks your progress helping you know when more effort or less effort is needed.

Specific fat content: it provides specific values for internal fat content for anyone aiming to shed fat be it belly fat and also know if your diet plan is efficient and effective.

Monitor Muscle and bone: FitscaleX enables you to observe changes in your muscle mass and bone mass especially as old age sets in. Helping you know when your data falls below a healthy range.

It also helps you to know what to improve on and what to maintain.

It has the ability to record and retain the data of up to six different individuals which implies that you can use it for yourself and maybe the entire family.


BIA technology: It has the ability to pass a low level electrical current through the body and measure the resistance encountered enabling it to derive a variety of crucial body data.

Precision and accuracy: It offers precise readings of the entire body composition with over ten key health metrics helping one know how changes in diet and routine affects the body and overall well being. It offers over ten key health metrics which include body weight, skeletal muscle, fat content, subcutaneous fat, bone mass, basal metabolism,body age and so on.

Easy to use: it is built in a way that is easy to use with a simplified interface, smartphones are also easy to navigate and use with the device.

Sleek design: fitscaleX is designed in such a way that it can easily fit into portable bags and fittings without stress, therefore it can easily be taken along during travels.

Safe tempered glass: it has a safe tempered glass which ensures the durability and reliability of the device.

Intelligent LED display: this enables clear and easy access to measurements, easily readable for better experience and interpretation.

Intelligent power on and off: this enables the device to automatically go on when in use and off when not in use thereby conserving energy and enhancing convenience.

High precision sensors: it gives accurate and consistent readings for even the subtlest or smallest changes observed

USB easy charging: fitscaleX requires no battery replacement as it works using a rechargeable battery which can be easily charged using the USB port.

Anti-slip bottom pad: this pad enables stability of the device during usage, preventing accidental slips which could lead to injury.

Stylish and meticulous design: it is designed in such a way that it can easily fit into your home settings and can be mistaken for an ornamental article.


FitscaleX is easily distinguishable from other similar products due to its exceptional and innovative features which are next to none.

Considering the features, efficiency, effectiveness and functionality of fitscaleX, it is expected or thought that it will be worth over $200 but surprisingly the manufacturers have engineered and put out this innovative device at $99.99 only. The manufacturer is also offering a whopping 50% discount which is a jaw dropping offer and I wouldn’t advise you to miss out on this as opportunity comes but once. Also to get your high quality and genuine fitscaleX device, visit the official website to place an order.


Struggling to keep up with your fitness goals, not sure whether you’re making progress fitscaleX does the magic, as it gives a rundown of your fitness within a short period of time. It gives you insights into your body composition, weight trends and other metrics.Striving to achieve and maintain fitness goals with precision and convenience, it covers your internal changes and body composition unlike traditional fitness tracking methods. Fitness enthusiasts or athletes for optimizing training and performance. All individuals seek overall health and well being to manage and prevent diseases.

It is constantly getting reviews from USA and Canada as a genius smart scale that tracks and monitors health on one hand and fitness progress on the other hand, giving you a comprehensive understanding of your body composition and health. It is currently ranked at over 4.8 stars out of 5.0 stars.

Reviews have shown that FitscaleX smart scale has the ability to give twelve crucial measurements with body weight, BMI, body fat, skeletal muscle, subcutaneous fat, basal metabolism and body age being inclusive.


Based on verified consumer reports, FitscaleX is a quality fitness and health tracker. On the official website, there are a lot of positive reviews and comments by the actual users though there are some mixed reviews.

Let see what people are saying about it:

“As an athlete, it has been a beautiful experience with fitscaleX. I’ve been able to monitor every aspect of my health with just a single device and its precision and accuracy is topnotch, I couldn’t have asked for more…..the manufacturers probably had me in mind while manufacturing this device”….Raph.M

“I’ve spent alot of money trying to get the perfect device for my wife who is so conscious of her body weight and all, the last one I bought, she complained of it not being efficient enough, when I saw an advert on fitscalex I decided to give it a try and finally I have my peace of mind because the device is fulfilling all required duties”…..Steve.O


Automatic off and on for energy efficiency.

Anti-slip for enhanced safety.

30 day money back guarantee.

Visual fitness tracking for motivation.

Easy use and navigation.

Measures over twelve crucial body data.

Tempered glass surface which supports up to 180kg for diverse users.

Compatibility with IOS and android.

Easy and convenient charging.

FitscaleX is only available online, this is also to ensure that customers receive premium quality products.


1x FitScaleX Cost $99.98

2x FitScaleX = $94.98/each. Total: $189.96. Orig:$399.92.

3x FitScaleX = $79.99/each. Total: $239.97. Orig:$599.88.

4x FitScaleX = $69.99/each. Total: $279.96. Orig: $799.84.


FitScaleX is available only on the official website. Beware of people trying to sell the wrong product. It is also not available in local retail stores for the time being. Always buy from the official website.


FitScaleX offers free shipping on all orders and they offer international shipping. Also there is no sloppy thing about its packaging. Expect your order within five days (at most) unless there’s an emergency.


FitscaleX is a highly recommended and effective means of tracking and monitoring health related metrics, embedded with numerous mind blowing features. Easy to use, rechargeable with high precision and accuracy, giving you data readings and measurements in real time and enabling you to know the effect of diets, exercise and routines in the internal composition of your body system.

With its amazing features, smart design, it stands out as one of the best smart scales available. It gives accurate reading unlike other low cost Scale. It is also portable, lightweight and compact.

Place your order today on the official website and take advantage of the ongoing discount!

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