How To Generate SEO Ready Articles In A Single Click

Creating search engine optimized content consistently is the foundation of a successful SEO strategyHowever, researching topics, writing optimized posts, formatting them, and adding images can be an extremely time-consuming process. 

Most businesses don’t have the resources to produce the volume of content required to rank effectively — until now. Typically, producing articles for SEO involves hiring writers, assigning topics, and multiple rounds of revisions. This can take hours and weeks at a time.

By leveraging the power of generative AI, Surfer has created an AI writing tool that can generate complete articles within minutes… that are optimized to rank in search engines, straight out of the box. 

Keep reading to find out how.

What does Surfer do?

Generating blog posts, how to guides, and other website content manually requires significant investments in time, money and knowledge.

Traditionally, there have been two options for creating content for SEO. One, to hire a professional writer or content agency, which can be expensive, or to try writing everything in-house.

Using Surfer AI can help you automate the writing process while still allowing you to focus on other areas such as SEO strategy and growth. 

For a fraction of the cost of human writers, Surfer AI can research your topic and analyze top-performing competitor pages to write new SEO friendly articles that are customized to your brand voice. 

Not to mention, the articles will include relevant keywords, images and can even pass AI content detection tools.  Surfer’s game-changing tool makes effective content marketing attainable for businesses of all sizes. 

Now, instead of playing catchup with your competitors’ content output, you can surpass them using AI to generate drafts that you can then edit and publish at scale. 

How to use Surfer AI

How can you utilize Surfer AI to elevate your organic search content strategy?

Surfer studies pages that are already ranking for your target topic as part of its research into generating your article. This information is then layered with its own NLP data and algorithms to write an article that search engines favor. 

Surfer’s AI platform identifies the most relevant keywords, phrases and topics to include in an optimal article hierarchy.

Here’s a step-by-step overview of creating optimized content with Surfer AI:

1. Input a focus keyword: Provide Surfer AI with 1-3 target keywords

2. Customize article settings: Select an article type, tone of voice, organic competitors, and whether you’d like your article to pass AI content detectors.

3. Review and edit the outline before Surfer AI writes an article .

4. Add specific information or data sources to your article using the custom knowledge feature

5. Generate an article and make final edits before publishing.

The result is a comprehensive, SEO ready article. Because Surfer AI uses GPT 4 as its underlying technology, the articles it generates are well written and mimic human writing. 

You can save hours of research and writing while letting Surfer AI produce SEO content for you. The combination of machine learning layered with content intelligence algorithms makes it an extremely effective SEO content generator.

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