The Optimal Solution: The Cloud Features Adelaide Businesses Should Seek

Cloud storage has become the 21st Century’s most efficient data solution. It allows you to store offsite data that can easily be retrieved whenever the moment strikes. But that’s just one key advantage, as this solution is full of surprising benefits that make it the perfect option for any Adelaide business.

But how can you be sure that your business has enlisted the perfect solution? Well, the most important thing is to look out for a host of features that set your prospective provider apart from any subpar competitors.

With this in mind, here are some of the features to look out for to find the best cloud storage Adelaide has:

  • A hands-off solution

Your provider should be able to handle your backups on your behalf. This means offering a hands-off solution that data protection experts specially-created to meet your needs. They will offer you the option to completely manage your data protection to eliminate the stress of onsite management and maintenance.

Not only will this allow more time for your IT team to focus on other important endeavours, but it will also ensure an end-to-end solution for both your onsite and offsite information. They will handle absolutely everything, from solution design to its implementation, maintenance and more!

  • A tailor-made solution

The data game is different for every business that operates across the globe. Therefore, your Adelaide business has a series of specific requirements to ensure it gets the most out of this state of the art solution. From daily activity to backups, maintenance and more, you need a data protector that has your business’s unique requirements close at heart.

So, how should your provider accommodate your specific business needs? They will start by designing a tailor-made solution that is not only completely reliable but also designed to meet your IT budget. They will create a comprehensive and fully-scalable solution that will accommodate your needs as your business continues to grow.

What’s more, they will provide a series of protective attributes that you can enlist to avoid threats, including:

  • Air-gapped tapes
  • Delete protection
  • Immutability

Your information’s safety is of the utmost priority and your storage team should be more than willing to accommodate it!

  • Cloud connect backup

Disaster can strike at any moment, and unfortunately there are many ways in which it can strike. From cyberthreats to human error, natural disasters and system malfunctions, your data is always at risk of compromise. But this is why this solution exists – to ensure you are protected in the event of such a disaster!

Your provider should use the 3-2-1 system when handling your backup and disaster recovery, so what is that? It is a simple-yet-effective approach to data backups which means you should have three copies of your data stored on two different forms of media with at least one of the copies kept in a safe and secure offsite location (the cloud).

This solution enhances cyber and disaster resilience whilst helping uphold business continuity and reputation through its highly reliable protective method. What’s more, it provides optimised flexibility and unlimited scalability for businesses who are constantly reaching new heights.

A comprehensive approach to cloud computing

You should always partner with a team who can provide you with the flexibility to scale up operations whilst enjoying premium security. This is because they take the time to understand your business and its scaling/security needs – two aspects of which are central to this champion solution!

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