Ways to Protect Your Employees with Technology

The rapidly evolving world of technology can deliver a host of benefits to both consumers and businesses alike. Innovative solutions in the business landscape are helping companies to serve their customers, empower distributed employees, and even reduce operating costs more effectively. Technology can even be one of the most useful tools you have to protect your business, consumers, and employees against an evolving number of threats in the modern market. Investing in technology that supports and protects your workforce can lead to several positive outcomes for businesses. Safe employees can be happier employees. They’re more productive, less likely to abandon your business, and they can reduce your risk of having to deal with health and safety fines. So, how exactly can you protect your employees with tech?

Upgrade our Fleet Management Tools

Fleet management technology is one of the most valuable resources you have to protect your drivers and assets in today’s world. These solutions don’t just give you a way to monitor the usage of assets or track where your vehicles are at any given time. They can also provide insights into vehicle health, potential risks, and issues that could be harming team efficiency. 

A great way to upgrade your fleet management tools, is to combine them with a camera system, or network video recorder. These tools give you visibility into your site operations, helping to improve safety, security, and efficiency. They can even help you pinpoint opportunities for training and development so you can teach your drivers to be safer on the roads. 

Update your Access Controls

Employees may be the most important resource your business has, but they can also be the source of numerous problems, as human error is responsible for most data breaches. Additionally, as digital transformation continues, and employees spend more of their time operating online, via cloud-based apps and software, phishing and ransomware threats are growing. One of the best ways to address this problem is to change the way you approach access to critical tools. If your employees use multiple types of software every day, using SSO (Single Sign On) solutions prevents them from having to remember multiple secure passwords, ensuring they’re more likely to use a more robust password for their complete toolkit. You can also experiment with multi-factor authentication tools, zero trust privacy networks, and mobile device management tools.

Use Tech to Train Employees

Speaking of reducing the risk of human error in your business, the right training and support can go a long way to improving security and safety. The biggest challenge businesses face with this today is finding time to train employees how to use security tools and processes in-house. If you have a remote, hybrid, or distributed team, this process is even more challenging. Fortunately, there are tech solutions that can help. You can create AI bots and assistants that can deliver training resources to new team members as part of an onboarding program or share real-time tips and coaching with staff as they work. You can also use learning management systems and digital knowledge bases to distribute educational resources to your staff. 

Experiment with AI and Automation

Comprehensively monitoring all the potential threats in your business and knowing how to recognize them can be more complicated than it seems. If you’re managing multiple employees, apps, tools, and systems at once, it’s easy for threats to slip through the cracks. Fortunately, AI and automation solutions can help with this. Intelligent tools can consistently monitor risk environments in your business, using machine learning and historical data to pinpoint suspicious activity. They can scan threat networks to detect dangerous IP addresses or check for phishing and ransomware attempts in seconds. They can also automatically send notifications and updates to supervisors and security leaders when threats are detected. Some solutions can even implement potential security fixes themselves, without human intervention.

Leverage IoT and Sensor Technology

Finally, the Internet of Things is becoming an increasingly common part of many business environments. Not only are there billions of connected devices in the world already, but this number is growing every day, as IoT solutions become more advanced. These tools can be extremely useful for enhancing security and safety initiatives in different business environments. In a fleet, an IoT system can monitor engine heat and other factors to see whether a problem with a vehicle might become dangerous to a driver. In the manufacturing, construction, and industrial spaces, sensors can monitor for dangerous levels of certain chemicals, and emissions. These devices can then send reports and data back to the human team for analysis. 

Protect Your Business with Innovative Tech

Technology isn’t just an excellent way to boost the productivity and efficiency of your business. Used correctly, it can also be a powerful tool for improving the safety and security of your organization. With the strategies above, you can take a future focused approach to defending your business against all kinds of risks and threats.

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